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Gone are the overnight downloads and the integration of graphics with text in your word processor. Allen's book has been completely redone. The book was re-scanned with a high resolution scanner. The text and graphics were separated and the text was processed with updated Optical Character Recognition software. The text was formatted and edited with Microsoft Word®, then integrated with the graphics and prepared for publication in PDF format with Adobe InDesign. The graphics have been completely redone with the most recent version of Photoshop Extended.

To download a copy of the recently edited verson of Family Book, click on the image of the book jacket below. This book will be downloaded from this site and is only available in PDF format. You must have the Acrobat Reader installed on your computer before downloading any of these books. This is a free download available at

The remaining books are references that you may find useful, and will be downloaded directly from They are available in PDF and other formats.

The Rosenkrans Family in Europe and America. Written by Allen Rosenkrans and published in January, 1900. The first digital edition was published on the Internet in 1997. This is the second digital edition, which was updated in 2013 to reflect improvements in hardware and software. Scanned, reformatted, and edited with current text and graphics software. Textual changes have been kept to an absolute minimum, consisting primarily of spelling errors in the original text. The formatting has been modified to make the text more readable by an improved chapter layout, more white space, and expansion of abbreviations. The current version has a Table of Figures and a Table of Contents that lists all chapters and all 928 genealogical entries. The Extended Table also groups entries by their antecedents in order to make backtracking to Harmon wasier. A future edition is planned where every entry will be hyperlinked to his/her father and the Extended Table will be eliminated.
The Rosenkrans Family in Europe and America. This version is an exact reproduction of Allen's original book. It was produced in 2008 by with funding by Microsoft using a copy of the text belonging to the New York Public Library. I highly recommend that you download a copy to use in parallel with the one above, especially when you have a question about the text above. Errors in proofreading and optical character recognition, especially with dates, will occur in the edited version. Any factual errors made by Allen will occur in both editions.
The First American Mrs. Rosecrans. This 51 page article, which appeared in the 1959 New York Genealogical and Biographical Record in three parts, presents a very readable and entertaining picture of a "scrappin'" lady and her adventures on the frontier during colonial times. Painstakingly reconstructed from old court records by David Voorhees Bennett, it paints a vivid picture of her continuing quarrels and frequent courst battles with her neighbors. No dry statistics here - an interesting flesh and blood human walks these pages. This is what genealogies should be but rarely are. And, oh yes, she just happens to be Harmon Hendrik's wife.
History of Sussex and Warren Counties, New Jersey, which was published in 1881 by Everts and Peck. Allen refers to this book often, which he erroneously refers to as Everett & Peck.
History of Orange County, New York, is another Everts & Peck book, also published in 1881, that has related information in it. Orange County, New York, shares a common border with Sussex on the South (by Port Jervis) and also on the West (near Unionville.) Not referred to by Allen, Orange County lies due south of Ulster County, NY, where Harmon settled. Many of the first, second, and third generations located in these three counties.

The Minisink Valley Reformed Dutch Church Records, 1716 - 1830. Harmon was a member of the Dutch Reformed Church in Kingston, NY, and membership in this church persisted down through many generations. This book is a collection of the records of four churches in Orange County, NY and Sussex County, New Jersey (dates may be approximate):

  • Minisink-Machackemeck Church, probably Port Jervis, NY, 1706 - 1803
  • Minisink Church, 1805 - 1816
  • Machakemeck Church, 1803 - 1827
  • Walpeck Church, 1741 - 1830
Familien Rosenkrantz Historie, Konrad Barner, 1874. This book was mentioned by Allen and his correspondents in Europe (see pp. 21, 22, 23, & 29) but everyone seemed to be discouraged from pursuing it possibly because it was written in Danish. Two ~ 500 page volumes are mentioned, but only one is available through